In a place like Cambodia, high-quality, well-maintained and serviced dirt bikes are a rarity. Let us give you access to some of the best in the country

The CMT fleet of super-proven TTR250 is a perfect ride for the task at hand. It’s a great all rounder with a comfortable plush seat for those long days in the trails. 
We also have limited UPGRADES of WR 250-450. 

We have received a thumbs up time and again from our riders that our choice of bikes, and a plush seat is prefect for Cambodia harsh off road environments.

All riders are required to bring their full riding gear . we have limited supply of riding for hire please inquire when booking 

 All CMT bikes are fully serviced and maintained before and throughout our tours



Our current fleet of motorbikes for touring Cambodia features twenty Yamaha TTR Enduro 250cc e/start bikes. These bikes are great all-round tried and tested off-road motorcycles - always a reliable workhorse! Not to mention the super sweet plush seat…

These bikes are highly regarded as the best all-round trail-bike, and we’re sure that by the end of the tour, you will agree.

Don’t expect a fleet of showroom-condition brand new bikes, but all of our bikes are thoroughly checked & serviced before, during and after each ride. All bikes have good tyres and brakes, and are sure to perform well on your journey. On open or large tours we will also carry a selection of spare bikes, as we all know that no matter how new the bikes are, there is always a chance that the odd bike can play up, it's just part of off-road motorcycling! So we do everything we can to make your trip flow as seamless as possible!

Our highly experienced support mechanics are also on hand throughout our tours, with the average puncture repair being completed in under ten minutes. Our commitment and efficiency with regards to servicing and maintenance is the highest among all tour operators in Southeast Asia. 



Limited 450 enduro
upgrades available!

For additional cost (limited numbers) upgrade to a late model 250 & 450cc enduro machines (please allow plenty of advanced booking notice). Many international riders are used to this kind of machine and they are certainly a blast to ride! However, don't underestimate the TTR 250  for that plush and comfy seat  


CMT motorcycles are kept in top condition and are ALWAYS serviced and maintained to Western standards, all with road taxes paid.


Motorbike damage cover options are also available for just $35 usd per day.

(please request on booking)