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SEPTEMBER 2nd - November 10th


Jungle Kings Tour 16th Jan 2019

$2995.00 USD per rider.

Jungle Kings Tour
Featuring guest riders
Tim Coleman - international extreme enduro rider, professional stunt rider and trials champion.
Chris Perry - expert hard enduro rider rider and Romaniacs/Erzberg veteran.
Emma Broadbent - Wildwood Rock women's division winnner, Erzberg/Romaniacs competitor.
Barry Morris - dodgy enduro training guru and video guy for the trip.
Ben Wah - Aussie TV host,  of ‘Blokesworld’ and ‘Beyond the map‘ fame is our tour guide.

  • Adventure starts from the electric capital, Phnom Penh
  • Visit the sobering ‘Killing Fields’
  • Ride the coastline beaches, remote villages
  • Explore the ‘City of Ghost’ and the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge
  • Try the famous foods of the French colonial town Kampot
  • River crossings, homemade bridges and remote dirt trails!
  • Relax at stunning beach paradise of Sihanoukville
  • Half-day challenge through Sihanoukville’s jungle trails
  • Ranked in the top 5 best tours on earth
  • Deep in history and rich in culture
  • Return to Phnom Penh for a last night of partying!

Everything is taken care of once you arrive, including pre-tour & post-tour accommodation the night before/after the ride!



FREE WIFI Provided At All Overnight Stops

View from sunset river cruise - Phnom Penh

View from sunset river cruise - Phnom Penh

Day 1: Jan 16 - pre tour accommodation in luxury hotel Phnom Penh
Good morning! Starting at Phnom Penh and after a fine nights sleep at our pre-tour accommodation and breakfast, we Jump aboard our Tuk Tuk and ride across the city through the hustle and bustle with a mixture of old and new architecture. Take in the sights and sounds of street markets as we head towards the outer city across to the Killings Fields, one of many sites used by the Khmer Rouge. This mass grave is a reminder of Cambodia's dark past. Afterwards we head across the 21, a former high school use as an integration prison, then to the Royal Palace and back out the hotel for lunch. The afternoon sees us jump aboard a boat for a twilight river cruise along the Tonle Sap River and Mekong River, with a great view of Phnom Penh, the Royal Palace and Wat Phnom. Enjoy a bite to eat and cold beverages on this excellent first day's adventure in the countries capital.

Day 2: Off Road Technique Clinic

Off Road Technique Clinic (presented by Tim Coleman/Chis Perry) Phnom Penh Enduro X Facillity

Heading out towards the 'City of Ghosts' - Kep

Heading out towards the 'City of Ghosts' - Kep

Day 3: Phnom Penh - Kep

Good morning! This is what we have all been waiting for to begin a journey like no other and discover this truly incredible kingdom from the saddle of a dirt-bike. With our luggage packed onboard our trusty support 4x4 we begin our ride through some morning traffic. Within 40min we are well out of the city and begin our journey to the southern most tip of Cambodia towards our destination of Kep, aka 'The City of Ghosts. You'll feel the temperature drop as we head towards the southern coast. The riding will be a mixture of road and dirt roads, passing through lots of rural villages and endless surrounding rice fields that are still often ploughed using water buffalo. Midway break to enjoy the CMT picnic lunch with an endless supply of chilled bottled water, soft drinks and fruits.

Late afternoon has us arriving at our hotel with the ocean views Kep provides, complete with an idyllic coastal town yet to be ravaged by major development. Enjoy peaceful seaside views out to the surrounding tropical islands with a cold beer. Local specialty is Kampot Green Pepper Fried Crab! A must try for dinner, although any one of their menu items are tasty and popular at our preferred seaside restaurant. Prior to that, plenty of time for a walk along the Kep foreshore or a swim in the massive beachside pool on offer at our resort style hotel. 

Day 4: Kep - Sihanoukville

Awake and enjoy the morning seaside-walk and great hotel breakfast, as another incredible day lies ahead with a good mixture of trails. Hugging the coastline towards the Vietnam border we set off, checking out some villages located on the sandy shores en route before heading towards Kep national park and mountain jungle trail. After Kep's outstanding views we begin our decent down trails through stunning farm land. After lunch we ride the red dirt road that twists and turns it's way through vast waterway canals of remote fishing villages, an awesome ride! The late afternoon sees us descending further towards the sandy shores of Sihanoukville. You'll love the hotel here with another great pool, close to the beach featuring plenty of local bars... did anyone mention cold beer? We have that prearranged too! Enjoy a dip or cold beverage watching the sun go down on the sandy white beach . 

Deep in history and rich in culture in the kingdom of wonder Cambodia

Deep in history and rich in culture in the kingdom of wonder Cambodia

Day 5: Sihanouk - Koh Kong

Follow the long twisting roads and sweeping terrain through 'elephant country' and lush jungle surroundings as you traverse the road which cuts through the Cardamom Mountains. This region is unique and recognised as one of the last remaining pockets of lush jungle and timber, as it's currently too inaccessible to be culled for the wicked illegal logging trade. This awesome route is dotted with pristine rivers and charming fishing towns until reaching the Thai Border town of Koh Kong. We cross the border (no visa required) into the 'dubious' special economic zone, which is in fact an island and stay at the luxurious Koh Kong Casino resort. wIth miles of beachfront, an impressive pool with wet bar and yes, in-house casino (drink free whilst playing). While most of us are not gamblers is makes for some fun in this unique location. 

sights on the more remote locations are often what we call MadMax Trucks and cars customised to suit the harsh road conditions

sights on the more remote locations are often what we call MadMax Trucks and cars customised to suit the harsh road conditions

Day 6: Koh Kong - Pamou

Ok its all been more than civilized thus far… time to go remote and see what 99.9% of tourists never see. The truly remote and wonderful Cambodia! Today you ride a newly constructed road, which leads to a number of remote hydroelectric stations. Beyond the stations we'll take you down some bumpy and challenging gravel village roads nicknamed the Bong (red-dirt) Highway. Home to MadMax style custom trucks and cars that are often seen stuck, bogged in mud or under repair. You’ll ride through tiny remote villages, where the kids are always delighted to see a “spacemen” in all our riding gear, and giant dirt bikes. Late afternoon has us arriving in Pamou Village, an absolutely non-tourist destination and one of the most popular with previous CMT riders! We visit often and have discovered a real 'Ma and Pa' home-stay there, enjoy modest but clean accom in bungalows (still Air-Con and wifi!) followed by wonderful home cooked meal! 

No guessing who was in front here . wet season in Cambodia is often the best time to ride . while it never gets cold . rain offers own benefits of no dust . cooler and everything is lush green . most of our hotels offer washing service .

No guessing who was in front here . wet season in Cambodia is often the best time to ride . while it never gets cold . rain offers own benefits of no dust . cooler and everything is lush green . most of our hotels offer washing service .

Day 7: Pamou - Battambang

Full days ride and mixture of dancing roads, river crossings, mud, bamboo jungle sections and some long straight red dirt as we'll be covering some serious km's today. Trails and some bitumen to get us into Battambang, Cambodia’s second largest city and home to many monks living in nearby temples. Battambang with it's old world charm, french colonial architecture and surrounding temples; it's an outstanding place for our overnight stay, offering quality restaurants and cold beers. Enjoy our grand hotel with roof top pool!

Day 8: Battambang - Siem Reap

Stunning countryside and no tourist Cambodia is a riders paradise

Stunning countryside and no tourist Cambodia is a riders paradise

Be awaken by the chanting sounds from the nearby temples. Today we ride the back roads through Battambang, a very traditional city and way of life. We soon arrive at a very special boat, a unique vessel. With bikes loaded and strapped down, we jump aboard for a 4hr journey that takes us through the river complex of canals and waterways, meandering through remote fishing villages (subject to weather conditions). We'll break from the narrow waterways into the Tonle Sap, the largest inland lake in all of South East Asia. The Tonle Sap provides most of the fish for khmer population and during the wet season it doubles in size, fed by the mighty Mekong River.

Mid afternoon we arrive at the 'Floating Village' on the outskirts of Siem Reap. Bikes unloaded we ride towards Siem Reap. But, not before taking in some local trails and having some fun, before arrive to our hotel in the heart of Siem Reap. Siem Reap is a popular hub for travellers from the around the globe whom have come to visit the awesome Angkor Wat complex, and is maze of streets and lane-ways filled with cafes, bars, craft markets and night markets! All this seems surreal after our epic adventure tackling the most incredible rides Cambodia has to offer. Cold beer could be just the thing, or a dip in this pool...or both.

Day 9: Angkor Temple Complex

Get up close the see the incredible Angkor Wat - One of the '7 Wonders of the World'

Get up close the see the incredible Angkor Wat - One of the '7 Wonders of the World'

Conclude your adventure with a trip to the must see Angkor Wat temples complex. Transport, accredited guide and admission all included!

These heritage listed as one of th '7 Wonders of the World just ooze history and pure astonishment at the incredible complexity of these massive constructions, and intricate and highly civilized lifestyle of the Khmer Angkor period. After lunch on site at a Khmer restaurant we’ll retreat back to the pool for a relaxing dip or short kip before another night on the town.

Fill the bag with souvenirs at the Night Market or even catch a traditional 'Apsara' dance performance. Yes post tour accommodation is included on this final evening of the tour. With the adventure under your belt and new like minded rider friends with whom you have shared this incredible adventure, we say our goodbyes, and share numbers and contacts! 

The end of this tour we include one night post tour accommodation at our hotel, we say our farewells and share contacts. CMT TEAM is always on hand to assist with you with your ongoing travels. 


CMT event tours come Fully Supported & Packed With Extras!


  • Selection from our fleet of quality TTR 250cc motorbikes (E-start). All bikes come with high quality tires, bars, chain & sprockets. Well Maintained and Ready for a REAL Off-Road Adventure!
    (Selection of Optional 450cc Enduro Upgrades Available)

  • Experienced English-speaking Motorcycle Guides & Crew

  • Quality 4WD Support Vehicles... Enclosed Luggage Trailers, Spare Parts.. Even Back-Up Motorcycles!
    (Limited seats available in 4x4 for pillions/non-riders)

  • Quality Twin or Double share accommodation including bonus Pre & Post Tour Accom. Many of our selected hotels would rate 4 STAR back home (in AUST). Features include; Private Bathrooms, AirCon. Many also have pools. (Single Room Upgrade available for $45 USD per room, per night)

  • ALL entry and toll fees for sightseeing and temple exploration as per itinerary

  • Breakfast & Lunch Daily (please advise for dietary requirements)

  • Endless supply of cool bottled water, fresh fruits and snacks

  • Motorbike Damage Cover Upgrade Available
    ($35 USD per rider, per day)

  • All Fuel Costs and Mechanical Support

  • 24hr Back-to-Base Support and First aid equipment

  • Field Medic included for the entire tour

  • Detailed Map of Cambodia & CMT T-Shirt


...part-profits from every tour are donated to the social enterprise Global Village Housing to help those families most in need in Cambodia. CMT is currently sponsoring one home for every tour to a family most in need in Cambodia and we kindly thank all our riders helping us to achieve our on going efforts!


  • International Flights

  • Travel Insurance - Mandatory
    (must cover off-road motorcycling in Asia)

  • Tourist Visa (available on arrival: $30 USD. You must provide a Passport-style photo)

  • Motorbike Riding Gear
    (Some gear is available for hire, please let us know in advance)

  • Evening Meal & Drinks
    (average cost: meal - $5.00, drinks/beers - $1.00)


GoldStar Reviewed Tour
This tour is suitable for all experienced riders seeking the ultimate off-road adventure holiday!