Enjoy our excellent overnight stays with aircon , private bathrooms, wifi



Our tours also provide you with an extremely comfortable level of accommodation, most of which would be considered 4 STAR. When you get back from a hard day of riding you can always enjoy an ice-cold beer in comfort. You won’t expect it when you’ve spent all day in the jungle, but we always reach a comfortable destination by the end of the night.                             

In general our Hotels would earn a 4 STAR rating back home (AUST) and are often the best in town. Although we travel through the most remote locations in Cambodia, we always end up at a town each night, so you can rest assured that there is plenty of comfort available. 

Some of our hotels include luxuries such as swimming pools, and ALL of them include cold beer to enjoy whilst you kick-back and unwind after the day’s events. Many hotels will also offer a laundry washing service which can be a great way to freshen up by revitalising your muddy gear (you’ll have to pay for that yourself but it’s always low cost). 

Find out more about CMT accommodation in our short clip!



Occasionally, when we are REALLY off the map, more basic home stays and camping can be included, but we can assure you that these are all up to our same high expectations of quality, cleanliness and friendliness. You may even find that these are the most memorable nights, as you will get to spend the evening in a truly Cambodian environment, untouched by the masses of tourists elsewhere in the country.

WANT YOUR OWN ROOM? ...Let us know when you book if you or other members of your group want to upgrade to solo rooms!



Our meals are set menus (including options for vegetarians) that showcase the very best of Cambodian cuisine. Lunches are freshly made bread rolls and quality selection of fillings to make a great lunching experience on the road. ALL EASY ON THE STOMACH!

Breakfasts and lunches are included in the tour package and are always diverse enough to please a crowd, and easy on the stomach!

Learn more about Cambodia's awesome selection of fresh food!


(Included in tour package)
We provide a huge, buffet-style, breakfast at each hotel every morning whilst you’re on tour. This generally includes (but is not limited to) all your usual favourites, such as bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, cereals, fruit plates and much, much more.


(Included in tour package)
We will stop for a lunch break about halfway through each day of riding or adventuring, where everything will be taken care of. When we’re riding lunch will usually be in the form of a 'packed lunch’ sort of meal. This includes amazing bread rolls alongside a table of fresh ingredients such as ham, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, onions and sauces, all of which you can help yourself to and make your own custom sandwich. Alternatively we may occasionally provide you with noodles, soups, rice plates etc. depending on which routes are being taken.



For your evening meal you will have total freedom as this is not included in the tour package. That’s not to say that we won’t look after you though, we generally we all still eat together which means that we can show you some of the best, most interesting restaurants in town. You will be delighted by what’s on offer and everyone can make their own decisions as to whether they want to eat something western or local style.



Of course we also have to mention drinks! A free constant supply of ice cold soft drinks and bottled water will always be easily accessible from the support van's Esky on the trails. Ice cold beers "for the end of day " will always be within arm’s reach and super cheap!